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Our Staff 

Ange Paugh

Ange is a Colorado native who grew up in a small town involved in Little Britches and 4H.

It took a lifetime love of animals combined with a passion for customer service – to provide care for pets and interact with their owners.  In 2011 she graduated from Pima Medical Institute with honors in their Veterinary Assistant program.

Ange has worked with Dr. Landry in the past and was excited when approached to fill a new position here at CCAPM Veterinary Care Center.  Ange is our "utility player" who juggles reception work and veterinary assistant duties with grace and ease.  She is our cheerleader and our source for positive energy, always willing to help out wherever she can.

When Ange isn't working, she enjoys time with her family and her three pets - Calypso, Tang, Mater and Zag.

Corinne Hinton 

New to Colorado, Corinne is excited to start her career as a Veterinary technician. She is currently in school working towards her CVT Degree.

Corinne is newly married and has three pets.  One dog and two cats.  Corinne has been a vegetarian for 16 years and attributes that to her passion about animals.  

Her hobbies take place outdoors, gardening, roller skating and one indoor talent - painting.

Corrine started out as a client of CCAPM.  She states "I'm inspired by Dr. Landry care for animals and I'm excited to help the community in a positive way, therefore, I applied and became an employee at CCAPM."

Rosie Gonzales

Rosie is a Colorado native. She is the youngest of five and had to grow up tough to keep up with her siblings.  She has always been very active in sports and loves to hike.  She currently plays softball and boxing.

Rosie is a mother to three boys who are also very active in sports.  They have two dogs who keep her busy.

Rosie has always had a great love for animals.  When she was a child, she would get herself into trouble bringing home every animal she could find.  She would sneak in dogs, cats, crawdads and frogs, and hide them in her room.  Growing up, she always wanted to work with animals.  She achieved her goal and is now working with animals.

Rosie graduated from PIMA Medical Institute in 2000 and has been in the field ever since.  She has a vast experience in orthopedics, general practice and veterinary emergency.

Marda Williams

You know that one person you can always go to who will listen, empathize and provide insightful advice without passing judgment? That would be our Client Care Specialist, Marda! Whether lending an ear when you call to discuss your pet’s troubles or to celebrate the new addition to your furry family, Marda is always ready to serve you and your pets!  As a Client Care Specialist, she has found the perfect blend of her two passions: helping animals and helping people. If there is even the slightest thing that Marda can do to make a person’s day even a bit better, she will find a way to make it happen. 

Who knew that her lifelong love of animals would land her here at CCAPM? It all began when Marda retired a few months ago.  She started volunteering, delivering food for “Meals on Wheels” and was looking for more to fill her daily schedule. An opportunity came up to join CCAPM and she didn’t hesitate to accept. 

When she’s not spoiling her three-year old Lab mix named Sammy, Marda loves spending time relaxing with family & friends. She is an outdoorsy girl at her heart whether it’s sitting on the porch reading a book or hiking with her dog, she finds peace and solace in the beauty of nature. Marda loves to travel and to visit family members.  She lived in Michigan most of her life.  Moved to Arizona for twelve years and now resides in Colorado with her husband Curtis and their dog, Sammy.

With several years of various work experiences, combined with her love of animals and actively rescuing dogs, Marda was the perfect candidate to grace the front desk of CCAPM. Since joining the team, Marda has fallen in love with the atmosphere, clientele, and of course, all of the beloved pets that come through the doors of CCAPM. She loves meeting new people and hearing stories about their pets.

Ciara Medlin

Ciara was born and raised here in Colorado.  Ciara is an extremely social person and loves to help wherever she can. She has a medical background helping humans, but her love for animals changed her course and she decided to apply for a position here at CCAPM in order to spend her time with animals she loves and she wanted to help them in any way she can.

When she isn't at CCAPM, she has another part time job which keeps her quite busy.  Her hobbies include cars, video games, and she loves to cook.

When asked what draws her to CCAPM Veterinary Care center, she answered..."I love working at CCAPM for a ton of reasons.  Dr. Landry is an incredible boss, and even a better veterinarian.  I love the environment at CCAPM.  The camaraderie between coworkers and ultimate friendships.

I enjoy coming to work and doing the stuff I love daily. Seeing sweet animals everyday puts a smile on my face, and being able to help the animals in any way I can is an amazing experience."

Nancy Kauper, Accountant

Nancy brings with her 30 years of experience as an accountant.  Following her retirement, she decided to resume her studies and graduated from from CSU with a degree in Psychology as well as Art and Anatomy.

Nancy has been with us since the inception of Dr. Landry's first veterinary hospital.  Graced with an eternal restless spirit, she refuses to retire and assists anywhere she is needed.  Her primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to Accounting and Advertising.

Nancy states: "It is rewarding to be a member of CCAPM Veterinary Care Center which is based on progressive medicine and fundamental concern for the well being of all animals."